14 August 2007

Although yesterday was fun, we decided it was time we had a bit of a more challenging day of cycling. So, we got up fairly early and just pounded it out to Woodstock, about 80 km away. The road was typically hilly, but quite scenic, and we were very pleased with our morning's ride.

In Woodstock, we went to a bike shop to get some new inner tubes for Naomi, and then had lunch at Timmy Ho's. I needed to make a phone call to get my flight changed, so I ended up sitting on the phone, mostly on hold, for at least an hour. The experience was frustrating, but the flight has been changed: I arrive in Toronto on the 23rd of August in the morning! Wow, I can't believe I'll be home so soon!

It was hard to get going after all of the waiting around, but once we did, the ride wasn't half bad. We made it to King's Landing, a small historical village just 30 km west of Fredericton, and camped out at the visitor information centre.


coelacanth3 said...

Though it's been a while, I'm still reading with interest. Sounds as if the end is near, so you should both be pleased at the accomplishment. Shuswap weather - still hot. Daily dips - very refreshing. Tri-Weekly golf - still hovering between pathetic and barely adequate. Keep on pedalling.

Agnes Bolinska said...

The end is, indeed, very near. Yet now that we're almost in Halifax, we just can't quite seem to get there. After deciding to take it easy by having three days of cycling in Nova Scotia, we were greeted by rain, more rain, thunder and lightning this morning. Now, we are sitting in a library hoping for the storm to pass. We will make it to Halifax for tomorrow.