Headwinds and gravel roads into Catalonia

Day 15: Valras-Plage to Corneilla-la-Rivière, 108 km

This was probably our worst day of cycling yet. The first twenty or so kilometers were ok, along a nice bike path and through beach towns very similar to Valras-Plage. Afterwards, though, we were on bad roads for about 10 km, and then a gravel road for about 15. That gravel road was the worst. Even though it was very beautiful, with bodies on water on both sides, we were unable to enjoy the view, since the whole time we were focused on finding the least bumpy part of the path. The vibrations hurt our hands and it was generally unpleasant. We were glad when it finally ended, and had lunch in Port-la-Nouvelle.

We were happy to be free from the gravel road after lunch, but we were met instead with a strong headwind and a busy road with a not-so-nice view. Heading into Corneilla-la-Rivière the wind was especially strong--fortunately we only had to deal with it for the last 10 minutes or so of our ride.

Corneilla-la-Rivière is a small Catalan town of just over 1000. Our host Rainer took us to his garden a few minutes' drive away from his house, where we had so many tasty things: muscat from the region, barbecued beef and sausages, ratatouille, salad, and of course fresh baguette and cheese. We have been eating well here!

Today we cycle into Spain! Hopefully crossing the Pyrenees will be ok!

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