Aaaaand, I'm back

20 June 2011

I've returned to Toronto!  While Michael's knee was feeling better, he wasn't certain that it would be well enough to continue the trip.  We were renting a place in Portland and Michael wanted to hang out there till the end of the month (indeed, he's there now) to rest before moving on.  I was enjoying Portland, but also getting a bit restless.  I wanted to either ride or else return to Toronto in time for a friend's wedding, which I would otherwise have missed.  I chose the latter, and returned yesterday morning.

I must say, it feels good to be back.  I wasn't gone for that long, and yet it was long enough to make me miss this city and my life here.  Now I just need a place to live for the rest of the summer!

Michael is staying in Portland till the end of the month, when he'll try to continue either south or west, if his knee can take it.  I hope to take a number of shorter bike trips over the course of the summer, run a lot and race some triathlons.  Oh, and work on my dissertation.

Thanks for reading!

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