6 June 2011

This is a post from the future (Agnes still needs to post about our cozy stay at Isaac's cottage).

Our most beautiful day of cycling, with a hint of misfortune. We left Isaac's cottage late morning and traveled along 193 to Hwy 1, through the blueberry fields and onto the scenic heights of a rolling highway. It's bee season, imported communities in time for pollination, and they made their presence known crossing the road and trailing our breeze through the fields. Our muscles are relaxed, loads lightened, and minds focused after a couple of restful days so the road was clear and smooth. Isaac and Ellie (driving between scenic destinations) passed us twice on the road; Ellie waving excited out the passenger window. But as we rode into Ellsworth my knee started to hurt (tendonitis I suspect) and it still hurts the morning after. Knee brace and Ibuprofen will, hopefully, aid us in reaching Portland where a generous couple has agreed to host us for a couple of days. It's stiff and sore and I worry that only long-term rest will help. We spent the night on the United Methodist Church's lawn after speaking with Susan, the minister. We also had the privilege of enjoying dinner with Susan and two members of the church, Alan and Stephanie, both currently teaching around Ellsworth. We chatted for hours about education and America before settling into our tent for the night. Now we're 'working' at a cozy and friendly cafe, the Maine Grind, before setting off to see if my knee can take the hill out of town. The cafe is small-town urban, spacious and community-focused with vegan treats, leather couches, and local artwork. So. Back to 'working'.


Ellie Louson said...

We were really excited to see you both times! Sorry to hear about your knee, I hope you feel better soon.

Agnes Bolinska said...

While Michael was 'working', I am proud to say that I was *working*! :)