Onwards through Maine, slowly but surely

11 June 2011




We left Rose and Chip's place quite late on Thursday and, as a result, had to ride in the middle of the afternoon on a very hot day.  We stopped 57 km into the ride at a diner for some food.  The plan was to do work for a bit and then cycle on.  But the plan changed with the combination of a thunderstorm and food not sitting quite right in my stomach.  Even though we had just spent two nights in beds, and had two more bed nights ahead of us, we the motel next to the diner was all too tempting.  And, given the circumstances, we felt we had enough of an excuse to stay there.  So, we did!  We had showers, called family and watched some really bad TV before going to bed.  Money well spent!  I felt better by the morning and we were on the road again.

Contemplating the storm

Friday's ride was quite nice.  As a result of the drugs, Michael's knee was feeling better, so we busted out 65 km before stopping for lunch and work in a nice little town called Brunswick.  We worked in the friendly Little Dog Cafe for a few hours.   I also got to chat with my old friend Lizzie, with whom I traveled in SE Asia, which is exciting because I haven't talked to her for ages and found out she just got engaged!
A view of Bath from the bridge.  Sadly, pictures never do these views justice.

The early evening ride was the best part, especially along Route 88, a detour from Route 1, which we've been riding along for a few days now.  Huge, beautiful houses on massive treed lots, many overlooking the ocean.  And an amazing bike path most of the way!  I didn't take any pictures there, but you should plunk yourself down there through Google street view and check it out.  (You can even do that via my new awesome map!)

We were welcomed in Portland by Nancy and Steve, a couple who offered to host us through Warm Showers, a kind of couch surfing for touring cyclists.  Having completed many bicycle tours around the world – including a trip across America and a six-month tour through Europe – they knew exactly what we needed after a long day: food, shower, laundry... more food!  Their stories about traveling by bike were truly inspiring.  While they've done many tours together, there are some that Steve has done on his own (Bolivia) or with friends (India, Iceland).  He even built one of those quasi-tandem bike attachments before they ever existed in stores for his (then-)seven-year-old daughter so that she could tour with him in South Korea!

We took another day off here in Portland for the sake of Michael's knee and philosophy.  We actually did get a fair bit done and also saw a bit of Portland by car with Steve.  We hope to finish some papers off tomorrow and figure out what's in store next!


Mike Thicke said...

Glad to hear Michael's knee is better.


Alex Koo said...

Dear Agnes. Rosie and I just got back and I am now reading your blog as we discussed.

More exciting comments to come!

Agnes Bolinska said...

Mike: see latest post :(

Alex Koo!: Also see latest post. And thank you for your exciting comment! AND let's hang out soon -- I wanna hear about your trip!!