2 June 2011

No rain today, but lots and lots of bugs – black flies, to be specific.  They began eating us alive as we took our tent down this morning.  We walked around in circles while having our breakfast in an effort to prevent them from having theirs.  Fortunately, while we were on our bikes, we were able to keep them off.  But as soon as we’d stop, they’d be right back on us. 
Michael's legs are covered in bites (mine aren't!).  This photo doesn't do them justice.

About 40 k into our ride, we were exhausted; our bodies are still not used to cycling for hours on end.  We wanted to take a break, but stopping at the side of the road just wasn’t an option.  Fortunately, an elementary school proved to be the ideal shelter: the teachers welcomed us and were very sympathetic about our having to ride during the pinnacle of black fly season.  “We saw you coming in,” one of them said.  “Each of you had a black cloud of flies around your head.”  We had lunch at the school before continuing on to St. Stephen, where we arrived a few hours later. 

Although we camped outside, the spot was excellent, and some sweet old church ladies treated us to tea and baked goods.
We’re planning to camp at a church here, and we’re even hoping that the minister will let us stay inside.  We meet with him in an hour or so.  Fingers crossed!  Tomorrow we cross the border and hope to make it to our friend Isaac’s cottage in Deblois, ME.


Xavi said...

I am soooooo jealous! :) (even considering the black flies)

Jai said...

Such sweet people! and poor Michael's legs