3 July 2007

Again, another solid day of cycling. We finally crossed the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border, again on a small, quiet country road. So far, I'm really enjoying Manitoba. Its slogan is "Friendly Manitoba," and its people have been living up to it--everyone's always smiling, waving and saying hello. The countryside is beautiful--much greener and less flat than Saskatchewan, with a number of deep valleys. I realized today how much stronger I've become since having started this trip--the climbs up and out of the valleys were challenging, but not impossibly so. I had a much harder time with similar climbs in BC.

Our campsite in Shoal Lake was the cheapest yet--$12! It was such a nice, calm campground, on a small lake (in which I went for a dip) and free firewood. What more you you ask?


coelacanth3 said...

U seem almost commentless, so I thought that I should contribute. Am pleased to hear that your abilities to encounter people with something to offer have not diminished since leaving the Shuswap. Let's hope the mechanical issues remain fairly minor and tailwinds prevail. Best to Dan - I read his blog as well but only need to respond once. JW

Leora said...

You're making such good time. Congratulations! And yes, there is a way to avoid those annoying cycling tan lines -- wear sunscreen!

Agnes Bolinska said...

Thanks for the comments, John. I love comments, and not enough people bother with them.

Leora: I really am all about the sunscreen! I apply it multiple times a day, but it's never enough!