27 July 2007

We went downtown today, and Dan hit up a library to update his blog, while I had coffee with my old roomie, Lauren. Later on, we went out to the Ferret and Firkin, and later the Madison, with a bunch of my friends from Mississauga and Toronto. I had an amazing time, and it was incredible to see everyone before we set off again, even though it was all much too brief for my liking. Thanks to all who came out! A special thank-you to my lovely Nirvana, with whom we spent the night.

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Brigit said...

Agnes, YOu SuperStar! Greetings from Scotland! I have finally had the chance to catch up with your blogging and I can't believe you are already in Toronto...well, actually I CAN believe it. You move fast! You are SuperWoman! You're awesome and an inspiration. What fantastic stories and thanks for sharing your adventures. I wish i could have been there at the Maddy raising a pint in your honour, but I will do it from here instead. Wishing you good weather and safe travels as you keep on truckin! (Well, I should say, "bikin").

Lots of love,