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28 July 2007

Nirvana, Dan and I went out for breakfast and cake to Futures, where I spend a lot of my regular, non-cycling life, mostly eating and hanging out, but also writing papers and marking tests. Dan and I went for a long walk around the city, stopping at the Moonbean in Kensington Market for some smoothies, before heading down to the CN Tower. We didn't feel like spending money or time to go up to the top, but we took some pictures from the bottom. We had sushi on Queen St., and then headed back to Mississauga.

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Marion said...

Moonbean!!! So jealous. Your trip sounds amazing...have fun in K-town, the best city in the world.
I'll let you know when I finally can put pics up from my trip (was in Scotland for the last week and arrived in Wales today). Byeeee,