29 July 2007

We had a nice, relaxing day sailing on my family's boat in Midland. There was no wind, so we motored out to Beausoleil Island. We went for a walk, a swim, and had some sandwiches and beer with my dad. The day was beautiful, and it was nice not to have to do anything and just relax. The wind picked up in the evening, so we put the sails up for the trip back to the marina.

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Gerard said...

hey agnes. i am in bali now halfway to dili, east timor from jakarta and finally benefiting from some halfway decent internet. Just finished reading all your posts since Manitoba and damn, wow!. Only wish i could keep a blog, but then i have no rhyme or purpose to my wanderings. it always just seems to make sense in retrospect. slowly depleting my funds but really beginning to thinking of finding a job maybe in thailand to stay out here for a proper year (that is return home in january). not quite done with myself as of yet. miss you babe. g