12 June 2007

Again, today was a bit of a shortened day. I've been having these really strange pains and numbness in my left hand from the pressure of my handlebars, so I decided to see a doctor so I could potentially do something about them. Dan and I decided to just ride to Revelstoke today to deal with this and a few other things.

The ride into Revelstoke was probably my favourite yet. Our surroundings had changed yet again: this time, we were riding through densely forested mountains. By the end of our ride, we began to catch glimpses of the Rocky Mountains--what a sight!

A few kilometres before reaching Revelstoke, I had the first flat tire of the trip. For some reason, this was kind of exciting, perhaps because for once I had a mechanical problem I was able to fix myself. Shortly before we arrived at our campsite, I had yet another flat! This time, it was my back wheel, and it was less amusing. Oh well, I guess these things happen.

I took care of a bunch of things that needed to be dealt with in Revelstoke. In order to alleviate some of my wrist pain, I got a set of aero bars--handlebar extensions that give you an alternate riding position--as well as some medication that the doctor had prescribed. Hopefully my hand will feel better soon!

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