18 June 2007

After all of our struggles cycling through the mountains, today's ride through the rolling hills of western Alberta was a piece of cake. It still really amazes me how abruptly the landscape changes from day to day. It was awesome to go really fast today, and the weather actually cooperated with us.

We had lunch about 50 km into our ride, at a picnic table near a reservoir. We were quite content, basking in the sun and eating our sandwiches and broccoli. Since we were both facing the water, we didn't notice that behind us, a whole bunch of black, ominous-looking clouds had formed. Although we hadn't thoroughly digested our food yet, we decided to pack up and get going. Luckily, we did not get rained on this time; we were happy to watch the lightning and listen to the thunder from a distance.

We arrived in Calgary by 4:00, and were greeted by Basia and Monika Raciborska, daughters of a good friend of my dad from Poland. We had a nice dinner with them and their dad, Leszek. Later on, we went out with Basia and some of her friends to a place called Schank's, a massive sports bar that had mini gold and virtual golf, in addition to many pool tables. We played some pool, had some beer, and called it a night. Tomorrow we have a day off in Calgary.


coelacanth3 said...

Finally out of the mountains! Seems to me that the schedule, as outlined by the black dots on your map, is getting a little behind time with all these days off (personally, I never take one). Lots of talk about rain but nothing about wind - will be interested to see which way the trades are blowing once you leave Calgary. New pictures look good, though you might have to get another brand of helmet mirror.

Anonymous said...

Dude! Awesome progress! I'm super proud of you, I've been reading your blog everyday and telling everyone about your trip!!
If you ever need a hotel to stay in don't hesitate to call, my Dads company has hotels across Canada, I'll be able to hook you up with a nice room for super cheap.
Good luck!

webelise said...

super cool, agnes!

i'll think about you next time i hop on my bike (tomorrow!)


Ainsley said...

Agnes!! You must be having the most amazing time !! I love reading your blog and following your progress.
If you are going to stop in Saskatoon let me know b/c I have friends there.