9 June 2007

Today was cloudy, and later rainy. For some reason, neither Dan nor I had much energy, and the first half of our ride to Salmon Arm was incredibly painful. The rain began while we were having lunch, and lasted right till we arrived at our destination, the home of John Worrall, friend of Darch Oborne and former general manager of Lake Louise. It really started to pour about 30 km west of John's house, and by the time we arrived, we were drenched, dirty and tired.

Now, John's house isn't just any old house; John lives in a cabin in a remote corner of Shuswap Lake. The main room of the cabin has large windows and everything you need--kitchen, couches, desk and fireplace. After a nice, long, outdoor (!) shower, Dan and I continued to warm up in front of the fireplace with beer, wine and a nice, heary stew. John taught me how to do cryptic crosswords--which is awesome, because I've been wanting to learn for ages--and invited us to stay another day. I know, we've already had two days off for only six days of cycling, but I just couldn't resist. If the weather in the morning was bad, I wouldn't want to leave; if it was good, I'd want to stay. Either way, this amounted to yet another day off. Dan was eager to keep going, but he conceded that we just couldn't pass such an excellent opportunity up.

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