15 June 2007

Getting up this morning was tough, since it was so cold outside and our sleeping bags were so nice and warm in comparison. We had set the alarm for 7:00, but, knowing we had such a short day ahead of us, we stayed in bed till 8:30. The plan was to get to Lake Louise early to have time to relax and check it out. However, we left much later than planned, and arrived accordingly late.

We finished our first province today!! We felt quite proud of ourselves for having conquered BC, the province we most feared. Alberta was not very welcoming, though. The road became really bad, and as soon as we had crossed the border, it started to rain, then hail. By the time we arrived in Lake Louise, it was pouring rain and freezing cold. It took a hot, 20-minute shower for my feet to finally defrost.

The weather here is bad, and we missed the last gondola ride. Oh well, this place is much too expensive and touristy for our liking anyway. We're just going to relax for the rest of the evening, skip Banff, and head to Canmore tomorrow morning.


Christa said...

Sorry you didn't get to hang around at Lake Louise. The gondola is waaaaayyy too expensive. If you end up staying another night, just hike up Sulphur Mountain and take the gondola down (it's free from the top!).

Also, how is your hand doing now that the aero bars are up?

coelacanth3 said...

It is possible that I forgot to mention the coolness of Rocky Mountain travel but that's why Lake Louise has such a long ski season. With your input, I got cleated shoes and pedals - then promptly toppled off on a steep pitch when I couldn't extract myself quickly enough. Metal hip is fine; the other only slightly bruised, so shall continue th elearning curve. Let's hope for tailwinds over the prairies.

Agnes Bolinska said...

Christa: Aero bars are AMAZING!! Not only do they help with the hand thing, but they make you so fast, and are so comfortable. I don't think I would have gotten up some of those hills without them.

John: I'm sorry you had the experience of falling off a bike while clipped in so soon! But it seems to me that falling is a cycling rite of passage, so everyone must do it, at least once!