17 June 2007

When we woke up this morning it was still pouring rain, and only a few degrees above freezing. Although we were expected in Calgary--where we were to spend the night with the Raciborskis, family friends of mine--we decided that cycling in these conditions would be miserable, and we had better check into the local hostel for the night.

We lay in our tent for a long while, hoping beyond hope that the rain would ease up a bit. When it didn't, we got up and had some breakfast anyway. Again, we waited around in the cooking shelter for the rain to die down, so we could pack up our stuff in dry conditions; again, it didn't. The ride to the hostel was by far the most miserable part of our trip so far. My feet were numb, and my hands hurt so much I wanted to cry. We were quite happy to finally arrive at the hostel, where we could be warm and dry.

We had quite the relaxing day at the hostel, doing nothing but eating, reading and sitting in the sauna. We met Christine and her boyfriend (whose name I never got!), a couple from Montreal who were on vacation in the Rockies. Christine works for the Trans Canada Trail, and said she'd post a little story about us on the Trail's website,! She also invited us to stay with them in Montreal. Yay!

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