8 June 2007

The great thing about this trip is that every day of riding comes with a change of scenery. The road to Kamloops was a fairly quiet one, running through mountains that were beginning to look greener than those in Merritt. We passed a number of lates, and had our lunch at a rest stop
next to Stump Lake. I decided to go for a dip, even though it wasn't all that hot outside and the water was freezing cold.

When we were about 10 km away from Kamloops, we met Bonita Wiens, a cyclist who was headed in the opposite direction. She had also cycled across Canada with her husband Gord, and invited us to spend a night in her home in Kamloops. Yet again, we had really lucked out. After an awesome dinner with Bonita, Gord, and their daughter Karey, Gord helped us solve some of our bike problems. He even fixed my cycling computer, which had never worked and I believed was a lost cause. Later on in the evening, we attended a coffee house fundraiser at the Wiens' church, which Bonita and Karey had helped organize. It was so much fun to meet some like-minded cyclists! We are thankful for the Wiens' kindness and generosity.

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