13 June 2007

We felt we had been slacking a little bit for the past couple of days, so we decided we'd go big today, cycling the full 150 km into Golden. I took an exceptionally long time to get ready in the morning, for some reason. Although we got up at 6:00, I wasn't ready to set off until about 9:30. Luckily, I have a very tolerant traveling partner :)

Since we had lost so much time in the morning, we pounded out the kilometres for four hours without anything more than a few water breaks. There wasn't really anywhere to stop for lunch, anyway, until after Roger's Pass, a long climb, with a summit at 1382 m above sea level. We had been fearing the infamous Roger's Pass since the start of our trip; but, before we knew it, it was over and done with! After cycling 70 km, mostly uphill, we had no qualms about eating the unappetizing, overpriced cafeteria food at the summit.

Although it was already after 4:00 by the time we left the cafeteria, we decided just to book it all the way to Golden. The ride was beautiful--mostly downhill, sunny, and with a beautiful view of the Rockies. We saw the most brilliant rainbow of our lives a few kilometres west of Golden, and arrived in town well before dark.

Since we had had such a long day, and it was already quite late, we decided not to camp tonight. Instead, we stayed in Rondo's Motel for a very good price, pigged out on pizza, and watched TV for the first time since we left Vancouver. It was a well-deserved treat!

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